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Small yet powerful marketing widgets for your website. Get glowing reviews from customers. Convert your website visitors with social proof and FOMO.

TinySiteTools give you widgets that are easy to install with simple embed codes.

Are your customers happy to give a rating but reluctant to give reviews because it takes time to think and write long content?

Is your website filled with 4-5 star ratings but few reviews?

TinySiteTools reviews widget uses AI to help your customers write glowing testimonials. With Google social sign-in, get your customers to write reviews with a low friction AI reviews assistant.

Convert your website data into marketing notifications

Did you just add a product no-one knows about? Did a sale just happen?

Notify your website visitors whenever a sale happens by connecting your stripe account. Choose a template and automatically show website notifications and nudges

Do not have Stripe? No worries! You can upload a CSV file of your product or orders. Choose your template and embed the code on your webpage to show the notifications.

Put your website forms to good use

Add a simple script to any website form and convert the submitted data into notifications. Or add the subscription widget and collect leads directly into Mailchimp CRM.

Other features

  • Integrate with Google (Social Login)
  • Integrate with Stripe
  • Integrate with Mailchimp
  • Customize look and feel
  • Capture geolocation with each form submission
  • Works with GetResponse. Carrd, WIX, WordPress and more builders...
  • Upload products and orders as CSV
  • Add tiny widgets to unlimited websites (on paid plan)
  • Unlimited widget views and impressions
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TinySiteTools LTD

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